Things Ive Done With My Week Away

every so often its good to give yourself a week away from the ties of social media.

whilst not blogging/tweeting/facebooking I have achieved the following.

1. I am THIS [—] close to prestigeing on C.O.D black ops 2. like thiiiisssss close. which concideing my score card usually looks like this

kills – 4. deaths – 34.

is a pretty good achievement id say. bluuup.

2. I have eaten 2 boxes and 10 small bags of cadburys fingers. I do yes, feel a tad sick.

3. speaking of sick, poor toes has been layed up with a tummy bug although clearly we still have time to dress up,


well who dosent, a massive ginger fro is vital to all living I assume.

4. Super Fem Veggie Tosspot came to visit. took loads of presents home and rode back to whence she came! never to be seen again, until she needs a home cooked meal.


5. The hairdressers rectified my appauling hair I spent lots of money on by actually giving me blonde highlights…


seriously, don’t humour me, im aware its STILL not blonde, how fucking hard can it be. well tbh at least its somewhere close this time, you incompetent cowbag.

6. ive upset Father…shit happens ey? maybe he’ll stop fucking coming round…take a hint?…sod offski?…I mean the man hates football, clearly hes the son of Satan.

mostly ive just been chilling out, getting the most out of the xbox before One comes out in November and our poor 360 gets shelved, but that’s another post altogether.

anywhoo im back, for now, you know me, im flakey.

mom, stop reading, do some work, and get that thing printed off for me, safe, blud.


my week 02/06

Its been the week where by the end of it you look like this..



yeah you’ve all been there.

its a dark glasses kind of day, hide from the public view in fear of being chased out of town by torch wielding maniacs.

not that I would blame them.

The smalls awoke yesterday morning and decided the world hated them and they would develop teenage angst a few years early. *sigh*

I must admit im happy to wait for Face to become a teenager, fuck autism and hormones. not my idea of fun.

at least Fry has overcome his tummy bug, my washing machine really appreciates the break from shit covered sheets, my autistic nose is settling back into life with air fresheners in every room. smells drive me CRAZY. so does noise, how I live here I will never know.

anyway in air of his recovery we decided to give him a birthday present early, because it was the weather for it and well, let be honest that doesn’t happen much.


hes still looking a bit peaky poor chap.

my week has been taken up playing black ops with the youngest sister-in-law and BigDaddy. not one for online multiplayers usually as I take much distaste to how other people play the game, but CODs lack of having to work as a team makes this bearable, if your stuck with tosspots for teammates. bar jumpers, snipers, and jumping fucking snipers (get your own game mode) these bastards are annoying me…



plus BigDaddy got me some awesome cool bright pink skins for my rocket launcher (and they say romance is dead)

and for once I got the final kill cam, was anyone online to see it, were they fuck. oh well maybe next time.

got some birthdays coming up.

mothers is tomorrow, and then Tuesday Fry is a whole 1!

but more importantly, today is the last day of half term.

fuck yeah.