They Say You Cant Choose Your Family.

I can.


I can choose to appreciate all the wonderfully anti-social, predominantly ginger related things my father does.

that’s this one:


not this one:


I choose to do this by NOT bringing my children up to scream in your face all afternoon 🙂

because that’s the best present ever.

I also choose not to contact father dobby at all.

because im a grown woman who can make that decision,

because I have a father whom I do loves muchly and it dosnt happen to be him.

because I feel like I fancy the argument tomorrow.

and because I generally don’t give a fuck.

I have a dad whos clothed/fed/loved me for 17 so years now and as far as im concerned hes the only one.

happy Fathers Day you ginger cookie monster.

I love you Da 🙂



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