Let Me Eat Cake!

ive gone wheat and gluten free!


father sperm donor is a coeliac, I get tummy pains, bloating. and with my hypochondriacs, anxiety and ocd. its either coeliac, a wheat intolerance, or I have stomach cancer/an alien living inside me ready to pop out at any given minute.

now, those who know me will know that id actually prefer it to be the latter, I hate thinking something’s horribly wrong, only to be proved otherwise, its a swift metaphorical kick in my balls for my pride.

so, yeah, im dying.

but just to disprove other theories, I have gone wheat/gluten free. I actually feel alright.

the food is more than acceptable, ive often herd my wheat intolerant friend moan about prices and tastes of free from food, and to her I say fuck you.

ive been 2 days on this diet and already I know your being a picky bitch laura! yes you laura. you whos never on twitter. I didn’t notice the difference in toast with my full English this morning.

and thanks to the marvellous @Ursweetqueenb on twitter (go follow, shes amazing, shes my blog RT fairy, autism warrior extraordinaire and gluten free momma) im excited about trying new recipes, of which I will not have to share with any fecker in the house because there all pulling shitty faces at my free from range, for once im not hiding my macaroons.

the prospect of spending money on new food sources is intriguing and appealing to me, because I spend, as you all know, like money is piss to me. im allowed too, I don’t smoke/drink/have fun. and I work fucking hard. so sue me.

and if all comes back clear and I have just spent 6 weeks gluten free for an apparent nothingness, well ill be healthier and its just one things I can cross off my list of things I think I have and move onto the next…

which is….

testicular cancer.

ill look forward to testing for that one.



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