My Week 19/05

long, tedious, dirty, awkward.

these are just some of the words id use to describe my week.


you’ve all herd enough of that for now, so im focusing on the good parts of it πŸ™‚

I discovered Mocha Frappachinos at McDonalds….like omg….heaven….drools.

I did my part for protected species by rescuing this little fellow πŸ™‚

hello Mr slowworm!


I love slow worms. I love pretending to small children they are poisonous snakes and watching them run away at speed when I pick them up πŸ˜€

the lovely Miss Toes found a friend on our day out!


which proceeded to smack my in the face with its arse all the way home!


when did it cost you Β£5 to buy a goddam balloon??? no one can say im not doing my bit to help the economy. on our day trip we also found a “cat mat” for Face, he loves it!

Im relaxing with you my bloggy friends while 2 strapping (fat) young lads dig up the end of my garden and then lay 2 tons of plum slate.

“im sorry are you thirsty? ill make teas when I get up”

the slate arrived half hour early yesterday morning, I detest that more than something getting here late. people seam to think theve done you a favour when actually I order it for that time because I have fucking stuff to do, not because I thought you needed a break.

anyway, its not been the best of weeks so ill leave you with that pathetic snippet of “good tings” and bid you farewell. to see you for a better week (I hope) tomorrow.



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