Daddy issues part 2

well done government….well done…
*round of applause*
you’ve just cocked up yet ANOTHER benefit giving.

when my father walked into your offices for his “review” a few weeks ago, you should have asked yourself these questions.

does he need the money?

is he able to work for the money?

is he disabled?

does he need mobility?

what is he spending the money on?

how did he end up in this situation?

if any of these questions were PROPERLY assessed, I wouldn’t be pulling pins out of my gritted teeth and maybe, just fucking maybe the rest of the country wouldn’t have to suffer benefit cuts when your giving them willie-cunting-nilly to people who clearly don’t deserve them.

I had champagne on ice for the day to come when Father called me to say his benefits had been stopped.


yes, yes I am.

im heartless because we struggles as a family for so long, as a mother of a disabled child, as a mother of a child whos father was killed in the midst of the war on gun crime. as a mother who survived a stillbirth and as a family who work every hour under the sun to provide everything our children could ever want, and yet there are people out there like the sperm donor my mother chose after one hundred too many brandy and cokes, who put THEMSELVES into the position of needing help..

wait, that was phrased wrong,

the man needs help

like mental help,

like a quick swift boot up the arse to the job centre help.

like help to spend the benefits he is given for being “disabled” on fucking child support to the woman who raised us our whole lives.

oh CC, hes disabled, show some heart you say..


hes not fucking disabled, he was an abusive alcoholic for the majority of his adult life, DRINKING has caused all of his problems they are all fucking self inflicted…

balance problems (from being a wanker)

sight problems (from being a wanker)

flatulence problems….on the off time I go out with him…in crowded areas…every 5 fucking minutes you disgusting drunk (from being a wanker)

memory loss (from being a wanker)

have I mentioned hes a wanker?



you dickheads have given him a car…

A CAR???
what the fuck for??

to get to that job ..he doesn’t fucking have???

genius…that was a real 3 oclock in the morning decision.

we pay, for my alcoholic deadbeat father to

play archery 5 times a week

but all the latest bows and arrows

eat out at his favourite restaurant EVERY Wednesday!!

not have to attempt to get a job.


im putting the champagne back in the cupboard.

call me when you start paying the lazy cunts pension..



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