One Minute Please

Im appalling at being that parent who gives each child the same amount of time and energy.

actually im yet to be convinced one actually exists.

each of my kids have very different needs, and each need to have a proportion of my time, but it certainly isn’t the same ratio for all 3. Fry being a baby is practically attached to me at the hip, he needs feeing, clothing, entertaining, constant supervision. Face being a 7 year old autistic child need all the same things fry does but would prefer to be left alone (confused, me too.) and Toes, poor NT toes, is probably the only one of the three who whole heartedly wants my undivided attention and is the one I have the least time for after caring for the other two 24/7.

Toes had to learn very quickly that one minute in mommys time meant half an hour of real time, that games would be disrupted to change Faces bedsheets or stop a nose bleed.

too much is expected of her because she is the only capable child. and I know all these things are true, but I cant do anything about it, when fry grows I will have more time but that time will probably get used with Faces ever growing needs. Fry will have to suffer the same time constraints as toes does.

it always makes me sound like I have favourites trying to explain this, the truth is I do, I favour having some time each day to myself! to write a blog entry with a cup of tea. or go to bed early to read a book.

each of the kids always will get differing amounts of my energy because that’s just how the world works, and I assume parents who say otherwise are lying, I assume most people are lying all the time anyway.

ever the pessimist..


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