Mistakes i Continue to make (cop out blog)

its list time baby! wooo.

this is my mistakes I continue to make list. you know those things you always do wrong and yet you insist on redoing them equally as wrong every single time.

1. my top one today has to be my infatuation with buying dresses.

why do I keep doing it to myself, I have hundreds, do I wear them? do I fuck. I look mostly like this when I do


im a jeans and top kind of girl and I should realise that by now…it would help my credit care immensely if I did.


2. crisp packets.

I cant stop fucking trying to recycle them!
they look like they should be recyclable! im paranoid about recycling, I wish I could do so with EVERYTHING it would make life so much easier, but alas for now I shall continue to forage through the bin for crisp packets…grrr



3. depriving people of sugar.

im one of THOSE people who takes all hot drinks without sugar, and assumes you do too. the repurcussions of this mistake mean funny face time whenever someone has a sip of tea in my house…

oh you wanted flavour with that?

oops 😉


4. I don’t take nappies on a 10 minute journey…

which is when Fry shits…EVERYWHERE. damn my lack of preparation!




5. I forget people can see through my sunglasses…

I like to judge people on first impressions….if you look like a dick..your probably a dick..if you dress like a tramp..youre probably a tramp…so my eyes tell all as I watch you go by..

however I frequently forget that people cant see through my glasses! so that “what a fucking prick” look I just gave you whilst assuming I was acting all cool and suave…actually what happened was I looked at you and rolled my eyes in a retarded fish kind of manor whilst looking smug and you saw the whole thing…


whose the ducking fick now :/

well im off to eat a whole tub of onion houmous

ciao bitches 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mistakes i Continue to make (cop out blog)

  1. Hilarious .. I have some of the same issues..my mother always said u know how I feel just by looking at my face.. Uck and mine is shoes addiction instead of dresses.. Poo

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