Bank Holiday Weekend

in the sun!

go figure!


just 2 small problems with that statement.

1. we have yet to find a sun cream Face isn’t allergic too.

2. Face hates sunshine, hes like me in that sense, the slightest hint of heat and we cower away into a dark room with all the windows open until the summer goes away. like reverse hibernation.

Face had his first dry night this weekend 😀

largely due to the fact that I had forgotten to buy nappies, terrible parenting I know. but for the first time ever at 71/2 years of age he went through the whole night dry (I say whole night, his whole night consists of bed at 11, up at 5) id like to say it lasted but we were back to changing sheets as the sun came up this morning, but hey its happened once, I have faith it will happen again!

Toes is enjoying the sunshine, and I am enjoying her enjoying it. shes one of those children who attaches themselves to your calves and never fucks off. but now she can be in the garden! fuck yeah 😀

anywho, there was gardening, and family outings, black ops and eating.

all in all the most successful bank holiday in a while.



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