AutieLocks and the Tired Mommys.

one days a small, loud, angry boy was walking through the house, when he started to feel peckish, he looked around for something tasty to eat.

he picked up the biggest thing he could find, an armchair, but BAH the armchair was toooo fabricy.

he picked up the Most expensive thing he could find, but the Xbox was tooooo electricky.

then he picked up the most disgusting thing he could see, and the urine soaked toilet tissue was juuussstttt right, so he ate and he ate and he ate it all up!

he continued his journey through the house, but soon the little boy was starting to feel uncomfortable, so he tries to find somewhere to sit.

he sat on the most awkward thing in the house, but the radiator was toooo hot,

so he sat on the most fragile thing in the house, but mommys ornament’s were tooo breaking under his fat arse.

eventually he found somewhere that was jussttt right, the dining room table :/

after having a rest on the table, he realised that he wasn’t being quite noisy enough! this would never do, he thought to himself. so he went on a journey to find something to make lots of noise with , he tried soo many things,

he tried to make noise on the windows! but they were too smashy.

so he tried to make some noise on the phones! but they broke very easily.

finally he realised if he banged his head continuously into a doorframe, that would make a wonderful sound, for all to hear, especially if he screamed whilst doing it, 🙂

after all this eating and screaming and headbutting he was starting to feel a Tad sleepy not   not sleepy at all! (ffs)

but the Three NeuroTypicals returned to the room.

“seriously , is bedtime,” said the mommy NT

“xbox, off” the daddy NT said

“whys he eating my dolls face” the sister NT said.

But the little boy couldn’t find anywhere he wanted to sleep

so he screamed….





The End.




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