Gender Matters.

No im not having a “coming out” session over the internet.

im talking Baby gender.

I have 2 boys and a girl.

I was cowering in my usual spot at school picking up time yesterday when Mom of 4 (youngest 10 months) started discussing her upcoming pregnancy with someone who cared (most certainly not me) shes 13 weeks. the conversation went something like this.

Mom of 4: 13 weeks! like omg, like ill find out the sex soon enough

stranger: like omg girl that’s like omg so exciting

MO4: I know I cant wait, the boys are soooo excited!! aren’t you ******?! (small 6 year old boy looks about as excited as someone who was given asda own brand cola)

Stranger: what are you hoping for??

MO4: a girl, it has to be a girl.

(let me interrupt here, the, what do you want, question was ALWAYS just a nicety for which you say, “oh you know I don’t really mind as long as its healthy” not to this mom)

stranger: yeah I guess you have 4 boys, its about your time hunny bunny, aww what you going to do if its a boy?

MO4: well ill just have another, like you know, I need a girl, ive had 4 boys now, so its my turn really.

I drowned out their voices at this part…

your Turn?????


that’s not how reproduction works!

your not in a cue on the phone to BT (which takes longer than the average pregnancy)

nobody said, if you have enough ill eventually mix it up a bit 😉

somebody really slacked on her birds & bees talk. 

what the fuck is she on???


poor children,

how many is she going to have that are “unwanted” males before she gets her precious female child. I hope to fuck she never lets on to any of them that she ever thought this way.

what happens if she has a boy…then another…then another. does one start selling them? trading them in for a model with no p***s?

I passed on the surprise to find out what each of mine were, but not so I could have time to come to terms with my “unwanted gender”

I hope she has a boy.




One thought on “Gender Matters.

  1. Felipa says:

    Like OMG. Can you like imagine her reaction if she like has another boy?

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