Sucks For You.

im talking school places.

or lack there of

Toes got her prefer and only choice of school,

but im in the catchment area, possibly 3 minutes away at a push and Face has needs I have to for fill which mean I cant go much further afield, I, as did all my siblings attended said school.

there are 80 children spread over 2 nursery sessions at the school.

and 1 reception class that can legally hold no more than 30 children.

you do the math, it was a no brainer that some/ the majority of children were going to be disappointed.

hearing who has/hasn’t got places makes sense to me, those either not in the catchment area, im talking 5 miles away, or who did not fill in the forms until the possible last minute (what the fuck have you been doing? you got them like 7 months ago, you wouldn’t NOT pay your phone bill for 7 months and then wonder why bad things are happening to you)

I think in our area (NOT all areas) that the precious few places were allocated fairly (no im not just saying that because I got one, yes I am a bit bias though)

let me give you 2 examples of parents who did NOT get their preferred choice of school:

M, 24, child D. M lives in another Town (by no fault of her own) and has to travel on 2 trains to get to Toes’ school, should she be given a place? No. there are pleanty of schools close to her.

?, 30 something, son R. they live possibly a 2 minute walk from the school but did not hand in their sons birth certificate within the allocated 7 month period (you lazy twat) should they receive a place at the school? too right they shouldn’t, not over the punctual people who cared enough about their childs education to put their forms in within the week they came out.

and yet alas every day I am hearing more and more crap come out of these peoples mouth, which I “couldn’t possibly understand, I have my place for toes” the fact is I do understand, I understand that your lazy/ignorant/stuck up and are now dealing with the outfall of it all.

why don’t you try getting up in the morning and doing your job as a parent , nay too much have I hurd them say “I put my forms in last minute” it makes my blood boil.

again I know this does not apply to all schools or areas.

I am fully aware that there are too many children to places, and something needs to be done about that.

but do I feel the money should be spent on education system,

or do I feel it should be spent on another avenue allowing the population problem visas to begin with.

or maybe those 8 children families, all on Massive benefit amounts should be cut back?


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