Last Night – off the wagon

I left the house

I went to a….bar…dun dun dunnnnnn.

I know, I know, its been years and years since I went to a bar. more to the point I had a drink!

my friend was back from ipswitch and dinner and a catch up seamed a good idea.

dinner, and home would have proved a better idea.

here are some things I have learnt since last night:

1. I cannot handle my drink (as a teetotaller im not used to having to do so, my hangover from very little alcohol will emphasise this point.)

2. im bigger than id like to be.

3. im older than id like to be

4. im not as pretty as id like to be.

5. im not in any way sociable

6. being the non smoker sucks. (just hold this table, by yourself, every 15 mins, while I have a fag yeah)

7. BigDaddys best friend is good to me (happens to be the bar manager, kept an eye, ordered me a taxi home etc)

8. I don’t like drinking

9. I don’t like going out

10. I don’t like music nowadays.

11. I don’t like my “friends”

dinner was lovely, drinks were not. I feel emotional, a bit sicky and disappointed in everything that happened afterwards. shouty drunk friends who don’t know how to get home and make me pay more in taxi fare for them. the one saving grace is that BigDaddy was a diamond, I came in late, spilt water everywhere and slept in this morning.

I wont be going out again

I missed my family

I missed my xbox

and I missed being in control of everything.

I don’t know how you drinking culture do it? that’s not life :/


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