daddy issues led respite.

Ahh those night where your darling mother looks after the kids so you can cop off for a couple of hours for dinner. aren’t they just the best!, we all need a little respite 🙂

except my evening didn’t exactly go like that.

yesterday night I was beckoned to dine with my “father”

I use the term loosely, yes I have Daddy issues, trust me they are justified.

this is him:


or its someone from harry potter, I get mistaken from time to time.

I have father issues, not because hes an alcoholic, stinking, cringe worthy, creepy old man

because hes been sober like 20,0000000 minutes or something now, I forget, ask a sibling who gives a fuck.

but because regardless of his sobriety, hes a prick.


he is living proof that its not drink that makes you a wanker, it just makes you a bit more tolerable because your unconscious.

yes I can say these things because ive lived it, ive avoided it, ive insulted it and now im having to have dinner with it (shakes fist)

the weeble almost crashed his car 3 times, yet the fucking government still give him a licence, maybe they are hoping his inability to think straight may end their handing out of benefits in an unfortunate accident? hint hint nudge nudge.

how is your new car by the way father? about 16 years of child support good? my mother would disagree.

the night was only made tolerable by 3 things,

1. my beautiful little sister (and the mocking there of, only she could go out once to dinner and have her ex walk in, and have to suffer bigdaddy obviously jeering and pointing, poor lass)

2. the sheer laughable ignorance of professor plop  “they used to shoot gays you know! id shoot gays, I bet hes gay” im sure the gay community, as do all communities, feel the same about you 🙂




yep I ate it all, what of it, problem? that’s a lemonade and lime and pepsi in the background, because that’s how I roll.


but by far the best part of the evening happened at around 8:45.

we left.





One thought on “daddy issues led respite.

  1. ouremuk66 says:

    Ouch, At least you got a great pudding. ((((hugs))))

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