shh now children, mommy needs her pills.

Typical Day In My House:


Downstairs TV is on loud, children’s TV

Fry is jumping and doing his screeching “a-gulr-blurg-grr-blub” noise

Toes is asking a milling questions while stepping on cats singing

the washing machine is on its 100th spin cycle

upstairs Face is jumping





throwing things

with his xbox on loud

youtube blasting from the computer, and somebody gave him a microphone.

im still listening to the kings of leon while on hold to the council for the 10th time today.

everyone wants feeding (its 9:15, they had breakfast not 2 hours ago, but ney whens it time for lunch)

Toes wants to do gluing/painting/drawing/writing/watching a film/playing the ds all with me obviously it would be a crime to play alone.

but I cant, because the baby needs feeding AGAIN, which bright spark thought children was a good idea?

I attempt to watch home and away, to no prevail, even with subtitles, because face has eaten his radiator cover and im making sure its nothing too dangerous to be ingested.

its time to clean again, no Toes that doesn’t mean im free to play guess who.

the washings finished, its sunny, time to put it out to dry

its quiet outside,

no kids

no questions

no screaming

no babies

but if that bird doesn’t stop fucking tweeting, I will shoot it.






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