Parenting By The Skin Of My Teeth

This week in autism land it has been mostly overcast with several stormy patches.

I feel like since returning to school/going on holiday (but ill say returning to school because its probably their fault not mine) Face has gone through a period of regression, this happens once in a while, something will set him back months, maybe sometimes even years.

its highly frustrating to watch as a parent, having put so much time and effort into getting them to a stage of ability for them to loose it overnight, but nay it is inevitable as im sure all you autism parents will agree.

our regression has included eating EVERYTHING. toilet rolls mostly, whole ones at a time, needless to say I cant exactly remove the toilet rolls (that was a shock for Toes this morning) self harm, im expecting him to pull out his nails any day now, he is also covered in bruises from hitting and head butting. and a communicational regression, highly frustrating, as a sever low functioning autistic we work amazingly hard to get any form of communication from him and usually that’s in the form of echolalia.

everything and I mean EVERYTHING is answered with car insurance adverts, the whole things, beginning to end.

the biggest part of every regression patch he goes through is the noise.

never in my years on earth have I found myself wanting to not be able to hear so much. he is generally noisy but during these patches the levels get beyond unbearable, I often find myself shouting to be quiet, with no prevail as it normally just makes the situation worse.

my headache has been going on for 4 days now, coincidently as long as this sodding noise has been going on.

this week has been hard, ill be happy to see the back of it to be honest.

the score thus far,

Autism 10 – 0 Mommy

im not giving very good odds for next week either.

wheres that vallium?






2 thoughts on “Parenting By The Skin Of My Teeth

  1. ouremuk66 says:

    You’ve been having a really rough time of it lately huni, wish I could suggest something but I know too well you have to ride out the storm. Sending love and hugs to see you through xx

  2. saschacortes1 says:

    Reblogged this on Beyond Autsim.

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