Highs And Lows

Today was one of those days,

  • where I was forced to choose which doughnut I wanted to eat first (triple chocolate obviously)
  • where I found out Face had been eating almost a roll of toilet paper a day (I had previously been blaming Toes and her overuse.
  • where I got to buy the cutest new skirt! and then hide it when I got home 😉
  • where I awoke to wonder just why anyone hates jazz or has posters of Katie price above their bed.
  • where I presumed my headache had gone but it crept back in there.
  • where I worried about aneurysms all day because im a raving hypochondriac, I know I am the internet told me.
  • where Toes only took one picture of me that had my whole head in it.
  • where the trampoline lost the fight in the war on autism 😦
  • where I ignored all of my fathers calls (because hes a prick)
  • where I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of my super 6 🙂
  • where I got ran over by a 4 year old on a bike
  • where I wished id worn faces’ ear defenders on the train (nobody gives a flying toss what he/she said/did last night, or how totally fucking wasted you were man, your like 12, wheres your parents?)
  • and where I had ice cream for dinner, and desert ^^

god knows what I plan on doing about the toilet tissue situation, he hasn’t wanted any food today because his tummys full of paper.

but ill deal with that one tomorrow.

I had a great morning with the every beautiful Miss Toes, who continuously encourages me to overspend on beautiful things 🙂




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