Easy Peasy Elephant!

Face likes Cats!

(bare with me the title does have some relevance)

all cats and every cat. he has his cuddly cats who sleep on his bed.

  • Ginger cat
  • Old cat
  • New cat
  • Hospital cat
  • Nanny cat
  • Fluffy cat
  • Baby cat
  • Puppet cat
  • Red puppet cat

I know, how imaginative right!

they all have different uses, e.g. puppet cat can talk Face into doing things mommy or daddy cant! and Old cat makes him feel better when hes sad. ALL the cats sleep in bed with him.

he has cat posters, and cat figurines which meow at each other. he even went through a stage of thinking he was a cat. the school wasn’t my best friend on that one.

it all started with this cat:



(face and Tiggs)

we have had 3 pet cats over the years but had to get rid of all of them because his love for cats is overwhelming, they don’t appreciate the affection he gives them, poor dears. we are used to how much this obsession means to him.

on holiday we took him into a shop full of cuddly toy cats, to find a “holiday” cat to add to our bedtime family.

you can imagine our surprise when we came out of the shop with this.


this is “Easy Peasy Elephant” that’s what it said on the tag, that’s what its name shall be. for the royal we does not possess such trivial things as an imagination!

made by these lot



he happily walked past all the cats to the elephant! its was soft and cuddly and he kissed and cuddled it the rest of the day!

easy peasy now takes pride of place on his PC desk.

as autism parents we can appreciate the little wins.

Face NOT choosing a cat may seam insignificant to some, but leaving that shop with easy peasy gave us a great sense of accomplishment 🙂




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