Cop Out Night 2 (photo blog)

my migraine has not let up

so in the spirit of keeping things on the same path.

heres a list of things I DONT enjoy…

1. Prawns

don’t ask me why, I mean there ikky because they eat everyone’s crap which is a bit ming tbh people, but I love seafood. crustacean’s, etc so I dunno, im being a prawnist

I just don’t like you prawn.



2. Spitting.

im a football watcher. so you think id be used to it, but it still makes me want to cringe every time you do it rooney you massive wanker.

its filthy, dirty, disgusting and id actually condone slapping your kids if mine ever did it.

don’t……just don’t…



3. sweets (haribo) with that white foam shit on them…like this..


why did you ruin a perfectly good gummy by adding stuff like that?

if it aint broke, don’t fucking fix it!


4. People who ACT dumb

I don’t understand it, I never have, why would you want people to think you’re dumb? what could you possibly gain from people assuming you lack basic knowledge of everyday things?

that’s like me painting legions over my body and walking around town because I want people to think I have leprosy. it just serves nopurpose in aiding you to do anything!


5. Guys who like DUMB girls (girls who act dumb)

get a fucking life. if you cant handle a girl who has a brain, get a fucking encyclopaedia, not a date.


6. Reality shows about women giving birth. (OBEM)

this may be a controversial one as many people seam to enjoy them. they make me want to vomit. I think the worlds having a fucking giraffe to want to see that a few times a week.

id of become a midwife.

I mean honestly I can get it for curiosity once or twice, maybe just once but continuously watching a woman chud a baby out is the weirdest thing! you’re all weirdos. you’ll be hanging out in the maternity wards next commenting on peoples labour.

do you enjoy seeing them in pain? you sadists you.

(I watched the live autopsy, but that’s different, its science)


7. Ashley-Judas-Cole

see below




and so we come to the small list of things ive missed out:

  • Playground Moms
  • playgroup moms
  • halo
  • Katie price
  • people who hate jazz
  • butterflys/moths/birds generally flying things
  • FLYING for that matter (shudders)
  • people whos favourite film is harry potter
  • crocs
  • hairdressers (obviously)
  • alien encounter survivors
  • religion
  • music as ringtones
  • lists

I hope you enjoyed reading my things I don’t enjoy


many more to come 😀





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