Cop Out Night (Photo Blog)

I have a lingering headache that’s about half hour away from being a migraine, so heres a photo blog of things I love to tide you all over until im up and running again 😀

1. Bioshock infinite….obviously. its pretty self explanatory. its still nowhere near as good as the first, yet it was still epic, which says enough.


2. Armchairs.

if you don’t love armchairs, you don’t deserve to sit. there is NOTHING to dislike about them, there epicly comfy, you can get cool designs and no fucker can sit next to you. most important for us anti social types.


(this is the latest armchair im waiting to have delivered)

3. cherry bakewells.

or cupcakes, or cakes, or tarts or anything cherry bakewell flavoured to be fucking honest. I once lost 2 dress sizes by only eating cherry bakewells and twangers (small sour sugary strip sweets) providing these are the only things in your diet of course 🙂



4. Freddie ljungberg.

because he was like a sneaky ninja, who always seamed to be at the ball! he was my first and clearly most important footballing crush. I don’t think without him id have been as involved in the game as I was.


when I hurd he was leaving arsenal, it was on the back page of the sun, my ex boyfriends mother was reading it. I grabbed her paper, put it in the freezer pointed at her and said “NO” I didn’t speak of it again.

all my best memories were of Freddie, henry, gilberto, parlour, bergkamp, and the invincible season.

hes an amazing player! my favourite footballer through and through.




5. The Arsenal.


nuff said.


6. The Iliad of homer.

it was one of the first things I read, and its still my favourite. its probably a bit more “classic” than what you would consider a classic book lol. but the art of story telling came along, long before harry potter my dears.



7. Stephen fry

anyone who knows me closly is aware of my idyllic obsession with this epic man, I reread his books constantly, and actually only went on twitter because I wanted to convince myself he somehow wanted me personally to know what he was doing.

(I still think that)

Fry, albeit his middle name was named after the great man himself (although if you ask bigdaddy he will say Fry from futurama)


ok guys my heads killing. here a small list of thing I missed.

  • pie
  • my family
  • science
  • atheism
  • sir david Attenborough
  • comics
  • stargate
  • the works of plato
  • fangtastics (the best haribo)
  • quiz shows
  • tassimo machines
  • shaun hutson
  • xbox
  • n64
  • sleeping

and of course, you ❤





2 thoughts on “Cop Out Night (Photo Blog)

  1. wolff42 says:

    Sorry you’re feeling poorly :/ Though hot men, sweet things, and Stephen Fry are a very good step on the road to recovery.

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