Lather, Cry, Repeat.



on a totally un-autism-related post.


ive been suffering greatly these past few days, my anxiety has hop skipped and jumped into a pit of stomach, gut wrenching feeling. its a normal day to day occurrence for me but I find it harder when I cant pinpoint why exactly im feeling this way.

those unlucky enough to have to listen to me regularly will know I suffer highly from anxiety, hypochondria and other suspected mental health issues, and understand that bad days/weeks/months end when they end.

I overpaid a hairdresser to do a shit job on my hair.

whence you compare the outing to hairdresser, having to talk to someone for 2 hours, being overcharged, hating my hair, and the added embarrassment of calling back to demand something was done about it, I can almost put my worry down to it really. it was a horrid experience.

next time im giving myself a bowl cut, fuck it.

pink food dye works wonders in ready break, im sure it’ll work on hair right?

I hate people :/

my phones still not back from being repaired and I feel relatively lost without it, you don’t get used to the lack of technology when you rely on it as I do.

luddite isn’t quite my middle name.

lets face it, you phone elves are all I have friends wise šŸ™‚

im lacking the ability to eat and sleep and im popping beta blockers like they are matthew grey gubler shaped.

(oh criminal minds, how you do these things to me)

anyway I guess what im doing it explaining why im currently unable to write my normal self motivated rants about parenting.

my parenting skills are going as far as strawberry laces, flubber and blankets.

be patient with me šŸ™‚





One thought on “Lather, Cry, Repeat.

  1. ouremuk66 says:

    Big gentle (((hugs))) for you my lovely x x x

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