Back To School Justification.

am I the only one who has to do this after a school holiday?

Dear Teacher,

Face has blood on him because his nose wont stop bleeding, please keep an eye to this.

his abdomen has a huge bruise and hard scaled skin as he is using it as a drum for 80% of the day please stop him if you see him doing so.

he is claiming his wrist hurts but I haven’t seen anything :/

if he gives you hassle about having a poo its because hes eaten a book.

holiday was great,

but just encase he gets upset he is glad its finished.

 please don’t mention butlins.

it really was ok though.

as usual , I have not beaten/scalded/held my child against his will.

no I don’t know why hes screaming at the sound of humpty dumpty when I left Mr dumpty he was fine

call me if the earth swallows him whole

 (I reinforce I did not hurt dumpty)

I’m Hes glad to be back at school

have a good day


Happy First Day Of School Everyone!!!!!











One thought on “Back To School Justification.

  1. ouremuk66 says:

    Fantastic! Let’s face it we have to keep a sense of humour. Hope his day went well.

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