shhh…do you hear that?


its silence.

id better go see whats happening upstairs.


Ah your there

and your eating a bookmark, tasty.

oh and your nose is bleeding…

have you done a poo?

no? then why is toilet tissue all over your room?

my oh my that’s what happens when you leave him alone for a few minutes.




Weve all been there, but for us Autism parents, its a whole new ball game.

we like to think we watch them 24/7 that they take all of our undivided attention (and sanity)

but the truth is there just isn’t enough time in the day. occasionally we have to make food. or go to the toilet. clean something and we take our eye off the ball for the smallest of moments, and this is probably whats happening upstairs…



I jest, I jest

its probably much MUCH worse.

I feel guilty often about not being there at those moment that something happens.

a split lip

a broken toy.

an ingested playmobil figurine.

they are the moments everyone picks out that you SHOULD have been watching.

but, how.

how are you meant to watch EVERY second of the day.

if i could prevent these things i would.

i don’t like seeing Face hurt

or Toes upset Face has eaten her toys.

or cleaning Poo off the toilet walls.

but im not going to blame myself for stopping in the chaos that surrounds me to have a cup of tea.

because we as parents need 5 minutes

and we as autism parents never get it.

i hope you all today take the time to just sit down with a cuppa and ignore the chaos for a brief moment.

we are all there with you .






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