i dont care where you are, discipline your child.

I was recently at a friends house…(yep a friend, I use the term loosly, its unlike me I know, stay calm I haven’t been back)

while trying to entertain, her youngest was refusing to get into bed.

she did that “daudle about weather I would be harsh to her” thing

while calmly laughing off everything, until I approached the subject that kids are kids, you gotta do what you gotta do, regardless of circumstance.

she got said child into bed and we resumed our evening peacefully.

she handled the situation very well after said talk.

however I have been in the situation many a times where a “friend” has been over and their child has DESTROYED my living room/Toes bedroom and the parent who im sure normally would have given them a swift clip round the ear has said nothing.

once a parent even brushed off a child breaking Toes dolls house.

so lets be clear on this, when you think your being a good parent by not shouting or disciplining your child, what your actually doing is making me think your a complete knob because your childs run amok in my house and you seam oblivious to the havoc he/she is causing.

I don’t care what you think I will think of you. discipline your child!

I would rather think you a tad harsh than I would have your child break my fucking stuff and you do piss all about it.

while im on the subject, once your child has successfully destroyed every room in my house, kindly leave half an hour free before you leave to help me tidy the fuck up. its not hard, I wouldn’t walk into your house throw shit on the floor and back away slowly. don’t do it in my house.

they are YOUR kids.

I did not give birth to them.

they are YOUR problem!

tell them off and clean there shit up.








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