Tuppance And A Teddy

today was sorting out Toe’s room day.

in the process I have bagged up clothes, dolls houses, cuddly, toys, 2 bags worth of stuff for a charity shop. let alone the stuff I didn’t fit in.

she, as a 4 year old owns.

1 sideboard full of toys (4 cupboards 4 drawers)

2 trunks full

1 meter high doll house

4 under bed storage boxes full of toys.

1 dressing up box

1 built in wardrobe full of excess.

and dolls scattered around the room on various shelves.



when did it become “normal” for kids to have SO much stuff…no not stuff….shit…

I say shit because I bet if you asked toes exactly what was in each of those storage compartments she would be none the wiser, because she does not really play with any of it.

but its all her FAVROITE!!

it really wasn’t that long ago

20 quid was a Christmas present

I had 1 doll.

paper and pens.

everyone played with tuppance and teddys

and presents were reserved for birthdays and Christmases’ .

I was always taught the value of a pound , so why is my daughters room a shrine to Chinese sweat shops?

at least twice a year her room is cleaned out and stuff sold or given away.

yet still I buy…

and this rant I guess means nothing because ill see something shiny tomorrow and instantly buy it for her, because she would like it, because shes a good girl most of the time, because it goes with something she had, because I would have loved it, but mostly because im her mom and id get her the world if she asked me.







2 thoughts on “Tuppance And A Teddy

  1. I am in the U.S. and am not sure what tuppance means? Are you in England? My son loves to learn new “UK words”.

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