Its a Joy to be Proved Wrong.

my holiday

for all who care 🙂

was a pleasant experience, for the most part.

which, I would consider a win!

face saved his meltdowns for the first 2 days. not a single one.

unfamiliar places, noises, people and he was as good as gold plate…

in fact bar the baby reins , fingers in ears and imitated seagull noises he equalled the behaviour of dear old NT toes.

they spent some quality time together!




(by quality time I mean, he sat on the top of the slide refusing to come down stopping the other children from playing and toes went up and dragged him down 🙂 as only she can get away with!)

the food was something to be desired….as Fry eloquently emotes…

carson holiday

it was not without its faults, the third day we had a meltdown about half a mile down the sea front, where its difficult to escape the world as you can imagine!

the fairground was lovely, although I wish I would have remembered that I dislike heights before climbing the helta skelta..


mommy slide


everyones looking away from camera and I took about 3 decent pictures on holiday thanks to the ex father in laws amazing timing with his camera skills (cheers for that, I look like mommy the crack head)



but it was wonderful, I would certainly do it again, in a few years, when the kids can look after themselves 🙂

of course ive missed you all tremendously, lets never be apart again.


I shall use this image to sum up my experience

and entitle it,

one moment of calm in my mad world






(lots to moan about tomorrow, when ive had a few cups of decent coffee (decaff) and polished off my biscuits.



2 thoughts on “Its a Joy to be Proved Wrong.

  1. I’m so happy u had a great time. I had a feeling you were gonna. Great memories are priceless. And don’t u ever mind people staring at a meltdown. Head high lil one… People who make history, & have grand life’s always get stared at.. Nay. What people say behind ur back is none of ur business.. xxx

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