Job my asd child can do.

I’m one of those parents who worries more about the future than the present.
About puberty
And relationships
And life skills.
I have fully accepted the fact that face will be at home forever.

However incapable of mediocre tasks face is I have compiled a list of professions he may consider.

1. Talking clock.
2. Drummer for the who tribute band.
3. Circus performer.
4. Computer hacker (for the erm, government of course,)
5. Olympic Trampolinist
6. Competitive beatboxer
7. Demolition man
8. Politician (he chats shit all day and ruins things by just looking at them)
9. Xbox game tester

I’m confident face will excel in all of these grounds.
Maybe I should get him into politics, you can’t understand a word he says anyway, and let’s face it he would probably do a better job with this country.
National jump in circles and rub you Poo on the walls day, got a nice ring to it!



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