My week, pork, bioshock, and jumping in circles.

The end of another week!
And so comes my end of week summary.

Friday held the beginning of the school holidays, or as they are known in my house
The half-an hour if your lucky -term.

It started nicely!


As in it’s been 2 days and I still live here!
I can’t guarantee the week will continue ok because sir face is in one of those moods, you know the one, where NTparents say their kids are being too loud and you laugh until you give yourself a hernia because you haven’t Hurd yourself think in a good few years now!

However toes is keeping busy!
Getting the brunt of it as usual poor child, if only she want so annoying  😉


I’ve had the in laws for Easter lunch, which consisted of starting cooking at 2am finishing at 2pm and it all being gone within a few minutes, some what dampened by father in law not liking garlic which I put in everything.
I forgot to mention they were in the potatoes  😉

my highlight of this week, while trying to pretend I’m not a grown up is the release of this..


Phone boxes!!!!!!

I jest I jest,
Bioshock infinite!!
We (the royal we) have been excited about this game since the last one.
So this week IM mostly putting on my gamer hat, joining BigDaddy on the sofa, and levitating giant mechanical big handed men into the air.

Because children
That’s how I roll!



4 thoughts on “My week, pork, bioshock, and jumping in circles.

  1. kbugsmom says:

    Did you get it? I’ve been holding off the reviews aren’t that great. What do you think? Is it as good as the first two?

    • candidcoma says:

      yeah chick, got it , completed it, then did it on !999 mode. fantastic, still wouldn’t say it was as good as the first. but well worth the play and the endings a bit far fetched but then what about the game isn’t haha.
      “would you kindly” go out and buy it 😉

  2. kbugsmom says:

    Oh good! I’m going to get it…did it seem really short in comparion?

    • candidcoma says:

      hmm, not short, but I guess it depends on what your doing, we did all the collectables in our first run through so it took some time to find everything (even with the guide) OH is an achievement hunter lol so we play for everything – thus maybe making it feel longer?

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