Half Days & Half Wits

Who the hell thought half days were a good idea.

which prick went, its the last day of term, I know lets cut it in half, making the parents fulfil the whole morning routine but with the added bonus of getting the children back half way through the day!
thus making everything you do redundant!

not to mention the dick that thought this was appropriate in special needs school.


I mean honestly! if that wasn’t a 3 o’clock in the morning decision I have no idea what was.
it has no good reasons for being there.
no parent/child/staff member is getting anything from your fucking half day. why don’t you pool 2 together and give them a whole day off ey?

I mean come on! its good Friday tomorrow, no kids are at school, was this really necessary??
did you REALLY have to interrupt my sons routine, to hoick him out of school and home, only I might add, to make me deal with your stupidity with meltdowns all day because you just FUCKED HIS DAY UP!
also the children who commute to a school….dad I suggest you wait in the car park, grab a few zzzz’s

in summery

half days were produced by half wits.
half the effort
half the reward
half the time
double the disruption.




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