Ignorant Parenting.

This rant was sparked a few days ago.

I was happily scrolling along  my Facebook page, minding my own business when a ridiculously cute baby appeared on my screen! the niece of one of my friends, no more than 3months old, squidgy beautiful little girl.


this happened to be a video, and she happened to be completely naked.

I DO NOT have this person on Facebook, it appeared because we have a friend in common.

in this day and age where our uttermost personal thoughts are made free to the whole world (hello blog)

what makes a mother think its acceptable to post a naked video of their child on a social networking site.

even if you were ignorant to believe none of the people you know could possibly be a danger to your child, surely you have to be aware of the fact that the internet is arguably the least secure thing in your life.

it Is illegal to distribute and view naked pictures of children for a vey good reason, and it should be equally as illegal for naïve parents to put their children at risk!


would you strip your child and parade them around in public?


then why on earth would you do it for the entire world to see?


make it illegal for parents to upload these pictures.

because its the child’s right not to be put at risk.





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