Boys Will Be Boys?

Todays post is brought to you by the letter A.



my old foe


When does your child cross the line from meltdown to tantrum. when is there an underlying cause and when are they just being touchy?

Are you one of those parents who believes its always Autism rearing its ugly head and will not admit that sometimes, they are just being children and pushing their luck pays a big part in that.

because if you are then do you not see your child as anything but that label?

that’s a bit mean.


if we can accept (which i  can) that, sometimes they are just being a pain, then how does discipline come into It?

is It morally acceptable to give an Autistic child some sensory intervention when he’s told no to something and has a break down, but punish their sibling for behaving the same way in the same situation?.

should they have chocolate/sweets because they have starved themselves for a day and you need nutrients in them, but refuse pudding to a child who couldn’t finish dinner that same day.

I ask myself these question every day.

I try to deduce which times Autism is to blame and which times I should bring out the MOMMY voice

I would estimate i get it wrong maybe 50% of the time.

but I try.

I try to accept that his difficulties do not make up everything that he is, and treat him accordingly.

because he’s loving, and funny, and gorgeous and intelligent,

and sometimes he’s a pain in the arse.


❤ Face ❤






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