Did I Really Just Say That

I am NOT in any way fattist.     I spent until a year ago always a size 8 and am now embracing being a healthy size 12 and eating that extra slice of desert 🙂

Toes teacher is a generally nice, polite person.


However , I think a god example should be set if we expect our children to follow it.

the people at Toes’ school clearly have differing opinions to me.

At school, they are weighed to make sure everyone is a healthy weight and partaking in a good lifestyle.

children who do not pass said test because they are overweight a referred to dietitions.

because It is important for the kids to have the best start in life and learn to make lifestyle choices that will encourage good eating habit’s.

Toes’ Teacher is GROSSLY overweight! I mean actually overweight, not a size 14-18, clinically obese. I find it hard to believe that her weight gives her the best chances of dealing with 25 energetic nursery children. are they maybe missing out because of it?

can you all say hypocrite?



what is wrong with people when obese teachers are judging chubby children? my cousin 9, falls into the young and overweight category. she is dieting and attending a weight loss camp this summer.

when she returns to school next year she will still be taught by someone who is….fat. there’s no nice way of saying that.


If you expect out children to change, you first need too.

lead by example


Put the pie down.






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