The 3 Ps

I Love hearing and seeing how Face is getting on at school.

I HATE actually going there to find out.

parent evenings/days haunt me up until the actual day.

I feel the need to bring out the 3 P Programme.

Picture Perfect Parenting

which involves saying and meaning 2 entirely different things.


  • Its great to see you      –        Stop looking at me
  • ive been looking forward to this     –      Lets get this over with
  • Its so nice to se so many active children!    –   Please get this one off my head
  • You’re brave!   –  Not on my fucking watch.
  • This works amazing!   – What is it?
  • I know his reading is really coming along!   –  He tore apart my favourite book
  • oh yes we practice at home     –   Practice blocking out noise
  • Its good to limit his computer time!    –   With a bit of xbox
  • Hes washing his hands now?    –   Before or after he spreads poo on the walls?
  • yes, I can see hes making friends    –   Does that kid have him n a headlock?
  • Ill look forward to next time 🙂    –    *mommy shaped hole in wall*



I love my son, I LOVE his progress,

I hate having to fake smile at everything, and act like nothing’s wrong.

if only people didn’t judge honesty as weakness.



2 thoughts on “The 3 Ps

  1. lillian888 says:

    Oh man, this is SO true and so funny! I’ve got one of those big meet-ups tonight and I really don’t want to go.

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