Because I Have Sensory Issues Too.

I Tip-toe around my whole life.

I blog realistically about how autism makes a lot of us feel, not how we want people to think we feel.

you Autism parents with sensory children will understand.

I worry when I drop something my phone vibrates even when Face is long asleep. let alone putting on perfume, or heaven forbid attempting to hoover!

I watch my television with subtitles on…..yep subtitles, because im dammed if im going to be able to hear anything.

yet you still know when the hollyoaks theme tune comes on an are the first to come screaming down the stairs.

some days im adamant some fucker s sat outside my house with a dog whistle or something, because ive turned off everything in the house, and im not breathing anymore so why are you playing up????

this morning while Face was banging his head and fists against the computer desk while screaming and the faint smell of poo was emanating throughout the house I realised something.


I would like it for you not to be screaming, shouting, banging, jumping, grinding, repeating, poo smearing, etc

because it drives me mad!

darling Face, id do anything for you, but for just one cup of tea today, might you think of being nice and quiet? it would make my day 🙂




2 thoughts on “Because I Have Sensory Issues Too.

  1. I am not going to make a habit of commenting on your blog but I find this one unfare. Not to Face but to yourself you make yourself sound selfish when you are anything but, the tv is on subtitles not for you only because you cannot hear it but for him because Face has a genuine dissaprovel of a multitude of shows and adverts. Hoovering, lawnmowing, hairdrying are all things parents of non-ASD children take for granted and whilst Face can’t help but detest these It is our right as ASD parents to get frustrated I mean how selfish are we wanting so bad to do a bit of housework. And finally poo smearing is something that a lot of parents of ASD have dealt with and I challenge any person who reads this and thinks ” he has special needs just get on with it” to come and give a hand with the cleanup because at 7 years old there’s plenty to go round. You are not a bad mum, you are not selfish, YOU ARE AN ASD MUM, and just like your beautiful son you only deal in realities.

    (Face’s Dad)

  2. lillian888 says:

    Sister, I raise my tea cup to you. My son had what we called “meltdowns.” Oh my God. He’d yell and scream and fight and refuse at the top of his voice to do whatever it was. People would stare and more than once I was sure someone was going to call the police. I work at home as a writer. I fell on my knees and gave thanks the day my son was cleared to attend public school.

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