Why I Would If I Could.

” I wouldn’t change my children for the world”

is a sweet, loving, bog standard parental expression. which makes you look good and seam like you adore your children for the individual that they are.

I have a problem with this expression.

Face, 7, sever ASD, Autism, Behavioural difficulties,

I WOULD change him.

a bad mother that may make me, but I don’t regret saying/feeling it.

I would take his autism away, I would lock it in a cupboard and swallow the key!

not because I don’t love him for who he is because I do, but because I want him to be the best he can be.

as a parent I want him to be able to do everything he wants, I want to communicate with my first born and I want him to be able to understand how much I love him. I want a break from screaming every 2 seconds, and I want to hoover without it causing a meltdown, but most of all I want all of my children to have happy , healthy, normal lives.

so it may rattle a few chains, but I would change my son.

I would change him BECAUSE I love him.

and if you could take away his difficulties, why wouldn’t you want too.


❤ Facey ❤





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