Scream And Repeat

Today the score stands at


Autism 1 – 0 Mommy


we are having a scream and repeat day.

im aware you will all have your own names for this type of day.

Face follows me around continuously with no fucking clues as to what he may want I am entered into a guessing game.

food? – no

computer? – clearly not

drink? – NO

to….play?….- clutching at straws.


seemingly he needs/wants nothing/everything at the same time. he must SCREAM at me in 5 minute intervals just to remind me he is still clearly not fully satisfied with what’s happening (or not happening as the case may be)

and just when I think I have it right, we enter the echolalia fun time bonus round!!!!

do you want water?  – do you want water?

yes? – yes?

No?  – No?

Seriously do you want water?  –    SE-RI-OUSLY…DO….YOU….WANT….WATER! (screams repeatedly) (throws things across room) “no” pulls sad face, runs upstairs and throws self onto bed.


I mean what part of that didn’t I understand???

ill vote myself for parent of the year today yeah….


fuck you autism, fuck you.





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