Bed Blogging Is Cosy.

Im late night Blogging.
Because im having trouble sleeping!
BigDaddy is late night xboxing. ….because Monday is no different from other days.

I wonder what makes people stay up all night?
Surely its not a nice feeling being exhausted and grumpy the next day. And yet you night owls continue to do it. No wonder that by day 5 BigDaddy is scoring a 9.5 on the touchy scale!

Anyway i love my sleep. We share a bed and everything 😉
Boo. Lack of sleep. Boo!
Maybe because i am off my SSRI’s?
I have labrynthitis, how awesome is that name, and the medications clash apparently!

Its nice to have somethin new though.
I do love a good illness to spice up life.
Now as a teetoatler i feel constantly drunk all the time! I should bottle inner ear infections that’s a fucking dragons den moment right there!

Come to me sleep…
Take me in your warm embrace….
I promise not to kiss and tell…
Although i do snore 



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