Practice, Practice, Practice!

pressure, pressure, pressure….


Toes’ reading venture is not going to plan, she is too clever for her own good. reading the phonics of words and therefore pronouncing things like “the” and Sign” very wrong. im unaware how to correct this because, as you guys already know, im no teacher 😉


I asked her teacher today how to rectify the situation she said the following.

“practice, practice, practice!” “some words cant be sounded”

thanks love,

except I know that, I CAN FUCKING READ.

its the 4 year old that’s having the issues., are teaching degrees handed out inside kinder eggs nowadays?

needless to say im struggling. flashcards, matching games, writing the words….HOURS we have spent on this this week and she is but 4 years old.

I may be telling them to shove said reading record up ones arse next week.

and/all suggestions welcome.


ill be reciting the alphabet in the corner should anyone need me.





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