My Autism Gameshow! Series 1 episode 1

Hello Ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the autism gameshow!


today we will be playing:

Food Or Not Food?

below are two lists, you simply have to tell me which list is FOOD and which list is NOT FOOD! see easy…lets get on with it!

List A                                                                         List B


Carrots                                                                       Keys

Beef                                                                           Pencil erasers

Potato                                                                         Cardboard

Fruit                                                                            Dirt/Mud

Cheese                                                                       Plastic

Sausages                                                                   Coins


Answers ready?


our Autism expert , Face,7 from somewhere in the bedroom making a racket says.

if you answered List A you are


ohhhhhh, tough call, who would have thought the food would not have been food!

no prizes for you today! We wish you all the best.


Join us next time folks 😀







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