I have a teaching degree? who knew !!!!!

Toes is 4….
this is vital to my point….4!!!!

she is in nursery.

at 4 I was at the educational level of a teaspoon.


at 4 Toes is expected to know all her phonics! and how to write her letters! has 2 sheets of homework a week.

AND this week they tell us they are sending books home so they can learn how to READ!

are you fucking shitting me?


at 4???

where do you expect her to be by age 6…applying to Mensa????


wait, it gets better!

who is expected to teach said 4 year old to read every week….


yeah me, with my teaching degree, and 4 years at college, who gets paid to do this job…

oh wait that’s YOU!

I am her mother, I HELP her to learn.

I don’t TEACH her to read on my lonesome, because well that’s why im the mother and you’re the TEACHER!…


fucking overpaid wankers..





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