1 in 88 – autism in our family.

ImageFace has Autism.

this is not what makes him, him.

it is merely a part of who he is.

your child laughs – mine giggles uncontrollably until  cant breath

your child talks – mine only recites adverts rom the television.

your child dresses himself – mine undresses in public

your child cry’s when they fall – mine bites holes in his hands without noticing.

its a different way of life but AWAYS a challenging and worthwhile experience.

our house is loud, so loud our neighbours have complained about us and even suggested we beat Face!

getting people o understand we don’t like to be shouted at ad banged all hours of the day either is not a easy task.

one day I hope to ask him a question and get a real answer! NOT how our conversation usually go.

“would you like some juice?”…..”car insurance”

“are you hungry?”…”seven islands, ping ping”

“come o, please don’t do that”……”oh shit” (thanks you youtube for that one!)

but then if he wasn’t him, who would challenge me every day!



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